About us

The Cardboard Man is a Manchester based product design company with a twist. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of what we can do, and what can be made and relish seeing where our imagination can take us.

We fully utilise 3D printing technology to rapidly prototype designs, in short run batches, to bring all of our ideas to life at a radically lower cost.


The Cardboard Man’s first product was ‘The Cardboard Kid’, a range of kids cardboard bookcase and bedside tables.

What was The Cardboard Kid

For a long time cardboard has been used to transport and store beautiful & elegant pieces of furniture, eventually making its way to the trash heap.┬áNow its cardboard’s time to become a fun piece furniture for kids.

We merged the strong, lightweight & durable properties of cardboard with innovative European & American design to produce The Cardboard Man’s unique ‘Cardboard Kid range of cardboard furniture.

The flat packed cardboard could be put together by kids themselves and had limitless potential to be customised and decorated by kids (one was even turned into a board game).

A lovely review of the furniture can be found here



Being our first product we started designed and developed the product in house and approached a manufacturer in Denmark to help make it a reality. This gave us invaluable knowledge on design, manufacture and bringing a product to make.