Torchlight Candles : Bleeding 3D Print Fantasy Candles

Banner Image Torchlight

What are Torchlight Candles? 

Torchlight Candles are high definition, fantasy inspired, character candles produced with the help of 3D printing technology. Once lit, the candle wick burns down behind the character’s eyes, revealing a menacing stare. Wait a little longer and the smile turns to a grimace as their bloody insides start to drip out of the candle, creating gruesome and yet amazing scenes, as the body turns into a skeletal shell.


Why ‘Torchlight’?

Torchlight Candles draws its name from the iconic torches that spread throughout many fantasy dungeons, which aid adventurers and provide a guiding light along a perilous journey. Just as these torches set a dark, dangerous and exciting atmosphere, Torchlight Candles set the perfect fantasy mood, be it for gaming or starting a new adventure!

The characters themselves are inspired from these very dungeons, emulating the creatures and monsters that lie in wait for the careless adventurers that stumble ever so slightly from the Torchlit path.

Why Kickstarter? 

We are a small business and creating these characters has taken a fair bit of tinkering and developing to create mould friendly designs, using 3D printing technology. Unfortunately developing moulds for mass production isn’t cheap. The funds that are raised from Kickstarter will help refine these amazing designs by making the improvements listed below.

We have also come up with new characters that we would love to render as candles but need Kickstarter’s help to fund them.

We hope to make the following improvements to the existing designs:

  • We want to include the barrels shown below, with every order. These will also include their very own surprise core.
  • The candles, currently, have a 3 hour burn time. We want to increase this burn time substantially.
  • Cthulu is a tricky old one! The tentacles on its face need to be adjusted to make it mould friendly.
  • Orks are big creatures, and the Ork we currently have is a bit too small. We would like to increase its size to reflect their Orky greatness.

Barrels NEw

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