Torchlight Candles : Bleeding 3D Print Fantasy Candles

Banner Image Torchlight.jpg

What are Torchlight Candles? 

Torchlight Candles are fantasy inspired characters realised through 3D printing technology as high definition pillar candles. Once lit, the wick burns down behind the character’s eyes, revealing a menacing stare. Wait a little longer and the smile turns to a grimace as their bloody insides start to drip out of the candle, creating gruesome and yet amazing scenes, as the body turns into a skeletal shell.


Why ‘Torchlight’ Candles? 

Tabletop gaming and the Fantasy have played a massive part of my life and have always provided a great escape, into monster infested dungeons or tactical battlefields. Now with the application of 3D print technology I can apply the skills I have developed in 3D design to share this great escape with you!

Torchlight Candles draws its name from the iconic set pieces spread throughout many fantasy dungeons, which aid adventures and provide a guiding light along a perilous path. Just as these torches set the dark, dangerous and exciting atmosphere is your favourite games Torchlight Candles set the perfect fantasy mood, be it for gaming or starting your own adventure.


Why did we go to Kickstarter? 

Creating these characters has taken a fair bit trial and error, in order to create mold friendly designs, the materials of which are expensive. From our own funds we have been able to cast the two beautiful designs you see bellow.  We have also come up with a host of new characters that we would love to render as candles and add to the ones we already have but need Kickstarters help to fund them.

We also hope to include the barrels shown below, with every order. In their current (3D Printed) form they melt when put close to a flame. We hope to cast these barrels with another, more flam resistant, material and ship them with every candle.

BarrelsThe candles also, currently, have a 3 hour burn time. We want to increase this substantially and in order to do so we will need to try out different waxes and develop our methods.

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